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Josie and I spent our morning shopping and running errands, and then swimming with our friends Lanaya and Reagan. It’s been an awesome day so far, and I’m getting sad to leave in a few weeks! This afternoon, we have plans to lounge around, go for a walk, and get some packing done. That moving date … Continue reading


I {Heart} Weekends

This weekend, Eric took his very last law school final (even though the Bar is essentially a huge final, he’s sure to remind me). Josie and I were holed up in the house, because my allergies were killing me. We tried a couple of trips to the park and I about died. We got creative, though, and … Continue reading


C’est La Vie

Not exactly blog-worthy, but this is how things go. My house is a mess. I haven’t showered yet. (It’s noon already?!) My eyes itch. (Allergies suck.) And it seems like I’m the only person on the planet that’s not pregnant.   But you know what? It’s ok.   I can hear Josie and her friend … Continue reading