One Month Later

I cannot believe that it has already been a month since Olive was born. In true new mom fashion, the last month has been a total blur and I’m not exactly sure what day it is. The last month has been spent at home, for the most part – we braved a trip to the library this week, which was scary, at best. It may have involved the three of us (Josie, Olive, and I) falling on our butts on a patch of ice in the parking lot. Probably should have thought that one through a bit more.


Olive is a total doll and such a good baby. She is incredibly cuddly and is happy to be held 24/7. Luckily, she loves being in the wrap I got for Christmas, so I will usually just throw her in there and get things done around the house. She has been a little bit jaundiced (because of the whole living in a basement apartment in the winter thing), but it’s clearing up – yay for breastfeeding! She is currently on a pacifier hiatus, due to some breastfeeding issues, but it’s probably more disappointing to me than her. I kinda get dependent on handing her the binkie and hoping it’ll calm her down.


Josephine is adjusting (slowly but surely) to being a big sister. We got her some bubble bath and “bath colors” as a “Welcome Olive” present, so she’s been spending a lot of time in the tub. She has a love-hate relationship with her little sister, and will quickly go from hugging her and saying, “I lub you, Olive,” to chucking her Lightning McQueen car at baby’s head (and Olive has the bruise to prove it). I think the hardest thing about two kids so far has been keeping an eye on Josie to make sure that she doesn’t do too much damage. Overall, though, she’s been a total champ and I’m so grateful to have such a happy, good-natured little first-born.


Eric has a little over two weeks before he takes the Bar exam. He’s been studying like a maniac and I’ve been having fun listening to lectures with him once in a while. (Seriously.) He’s been a rock star daddy of 2 so far, and Olive adores him already. He also loves that we have pizza night, like…three times a week now.


I’m surviving, although some days just barely. It’s been a huge transition, but not for the reasons that I thought it would be. My biggest challenge is feeling like I’m giving the necessary attention to both my girls, without feeling completely worn out. I really want to ensure that they both know how much I love and care about them. Sleep deprivation is a beast, though, and some days I feel like I’m not doing all that I could be. I just have to keep reminding myself that this transition period is temporary, we’ll get back into a “normal” routine again, and that I need to cherish these crazy, unpredictable moments.

In other news, we got newborn pictures taken by a friend of ours from Church, which I love. I have managed to squeeze into one of my pairs of pre-pregnancy jeans, but I refuse to try any other pairs on but this one, because I’m just not ready to not fit into something. Unfortunately, Olive just spit up on them, so I guess that means sweatpants for the rest of the week. (Right?) Meanwhile, Eric is sabotaging my losing the baby weight efforts by buying me maple cookies when I have a bad day. Not that I’m complaining.

Hopefully the next post will have more pictures! My card reader for my nice camera broke, so I’m just taking whatever I can get here. 🙂

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