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Things to Do Before She’s Two (And a Halloween Costume Preview)

With all those life lists floating around out there, I thought, why not make one for Miss Josephine? If anything, it’ll keep us doing fun things for the next year (we have until August!), and I’ll have something to look to for ideas. So here it is…


Miss Jo’s Things to Do Before She’s Two


1. Have a picnic

2. Go to the playground at Golden Gate Park

3. Make special Christmas presents for the grandparents

4. Go to Monterey Bay Aquarium

5. Make play dough

6. Learn to count to 10 and say the alphabet

7. Go apple picking

8. Go swimming in the ocean

9. Take a swim class

10. Visit Santa Claus

11. Go to the kid’s class at the art museum

12. Make Valentine’s Day cards

13. Go to the Children’s Museum

14. Trick or Treat!

15. Explore the Jelly Belly Factory

16. Play with trains at the Railroad Museum

17. Go to the pumpkin patch

18. See the birds at the California Raptor Center

19. Go hiking in Yosemite

20. Have fun at Fairytale Town

21. See the fish at Nimbus Fish Hatchery

22. And see the exotic animals at Star Eco station!

23. Ride the train

24. Take a class at ArtBeast studio

25. Bounce around during Toddler Time at Sky Zone


That should keep us busy for a bit, I hope. 🙂 I’ll update the blog as we check things off!


What kinds of things do you like to do with your kiddos?


Oh and ps…if you follow me on Instagram (which you totally should, by the way) you’ve seen these pictures, but…here are our Halloween costume previews.


2012 10 23 08 26 26


2012 09 30 14 12 58


2012 10 20 17 25 09


2012 09 30 14 14 56 1


I’m still trying to get those dang eyes to stand up straight. I’m thinking wire, maybe? We’ll see. I mean, let’s face it, she’ll probably have the hood off most of the time anyways.


Isn’t she the cutest little alien?

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