Family / Motherhood

Drama, Drama

Today, while I was feeding Olive, Josie snuck into the bathroom and swallowed one of Eric’s pills that hadn’t been put away.

Luckily, she walked out and told me right away what she’d done. And luckily, it was just one pill and after a call to Poison Control, we determined that it should travel right through her system without a problem.

That may have been one of the scariest moments in my life ever. It was only compounded by the screams I heard from Olive while I was on the phone with Poison Control. I turned around to find that the infant that I had placed carefully in her car seat was now face down on the floor, with a grinning toddler standing beside her.

I wasn’t quite sure what had happened, until a few hours later when I was sitting next to Olive while she was in the car seat again, and Josephine came up and tried to jump on the bottom end of it. Apparently, she’s figured out that if you jump on the end of the car seat, the baby flies out, which is pretty darn fun.

So…in addition to having 24/7 surveillance on her, Olive will now get strapped into the car seat each and every time. I’m able to wear her most of the time, but the car seat is just so convenient for those moments when I need to bend over…

Long story short, this was one of those “am I doing this right” days. Josie seems to find joy in hurting her baby sister, who already has three big bruises on her head, no matter how I try to curtail her. I love both my girls so much, and I hate to see Olive hurt or Josie sad. It seems like these things are inevitable these days, though.

If I learned anything the first time around, though, it’s that “this too shall pass.” Motherhood is never the same for long, things are always changing, and I know that Josie will pass through this phase and into another one before long. For now, I’m trying to discover lessons in where we’re at and find out how I can do better. And hopefully not lose my mind in the process.

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