Playing Favorites

Remember when you were a kid and you asked your mom who her favorite was? And, inevitably, her answer was “You’re all my favorites!” and you would smile and say “Aww ok,” but on the inside you were thinking “She’s a liar!!”

I’m here to tell you…she wasn’t lying. And it is the craziest thing in the world. 

Before Olive was born, I knew I had a favorite child, and her name was Josephine. I could never have fathomed the love that I had (still have) for that little girl. She makes every day brighter, even when she’s screaming about not getting her fifth cheese stick for the day. 

And then Olive came along and to my surprise…I felt exactly the same about Josephine. Still my favorite. But the feelings that I have for Olive? They are remarkably similar to how I feel for Josie. Which means now I have two favorites. Just like my mom did (except she had six). 

What has amazed me over this past week is how the room in my heart that I have for love has just grown. Before kid #2, I figured you would just have to divide your love evenly, or maybe you’d even divide it unevenly. It turns out, though, that the love just multiplies.

It’s truly beautiful. 

My girls. 🙂

One thought on “Playing Favorites

  1. Oh how I love this! That what makes me so nervous about adding to our family but you said it perfectly. And it makes so much sense! Thanks! Hope all is well!

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