Josephine and the Case of the Barking Dog

We were playing in Jo’s room this evening, minding our own business, when all of the sudden we heard a dog bark.

Josie automatically stopped what she was doing and looked at me in shock.

“Go find it,” she said.

She stood up, and began to put on a proper dog finding outfit, complete with a hat, one sandal, and a killer pair of Elton John-esque sunglasses.

I took pictures to document the adventure. She tried lots of different glasses positions, to ensure she had the correct one for nighttime dog hunting. (PS: Please ignore the fantastic lighting in our apartment that makes every picture look like it was taken in front of high beams.)




We trekked outside, checked the mail, and then proceeded to search for the dog. Unfortunately, it had stopped barking by this point, so after knocking on a few garage doors with no answer, we decided to call it a night.

Life with a toddler (especially this toddler) is never boring. Ever.

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