Art Projects

Painted Rocks

Saturday was a lazy day, so the three of us got out the lovely acrylic paints that Eric gave me for my birthday and decided to paint some rocks. Josephine is an avid rock collector, so we had no shortage of canvases to choose from.


I love watching Josie learn to create. It’s so fun to see her use her imagination and build something that’s all her own. She spent more time painting herself than the rocks, but she loved trying new colors and experimenting with how they would look together.

Josie painted more rocks than anyone, most with just a few stripes of paint on them. Eric made me a super sappy rock (which I love, awwww) and I made a dog (which Eric called “abstract,” because he’s rude, basically).

Next week I plan on starting a very simple preschool curriculum with her. I don’t want to push “school” on her, but I do want to develop some routines and start introducing new things every week. We’ll be following these lessons and taking about a half hour every day to do art, listen to music, and learn new things! I’m excited to see how it turns out. It’ll be our first real step into homeschooling.

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