Two Years is a LONG Time

Miss Josephine Jacqueline is two years old in…one week. I really can’t believe it – almost as much as I can’t believe that we’ll have two little ones in a mere…22 weeks. Blowing my mind.



Even in the past two months, she’s changed completely. I can’t wait to see what the next year will bring.

Right now her favorites include…

standing on tables,

hanging out with Daddy (even though it can get a little weird… 🙂 ),

wearing her sweet shades,

roaring (a LOT of roaring),

sliding by herself,

swim lessons,

dressing herself and riding her bouncy cow,

sleeping with her cars (and in weird positions),

and really just being adorable in general.

STOP GROWING, MISS JO! I’m missing it!

But at the same time…I’m enjoying every second with this little doll. And feeling pretty darn lucky.

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