This Place

I’m sitting here on the couch, in a house that’s half empty and half in boxes. Josephine left with her grandparents for Spokane this afternoon, so Eric and I have had time to finish packing and start loading the truck. I’ve maintained my composure pretty well, considering I’m a hormonal pregnant woman and my baby is now two states away.

We’ve been preparing this move for over a month and I was so excited to just get out of here. I wanted to get away from the ugly apartment with the gross carpet and the dishwasher that never gets the dishes quite clean enough. I wanted to escape the dust and the perpetual trail of goose poop running down our sidewalks. I couldn’t wait until my allergies weren’t quite as bad as they are here (Sacramento is called the “city of trees” for a reason). I could think of a million and half reasons why we couldn’t move quickly enough.

Then tonight, I was taking the old blanket down from Josie’s window, that we’ve used as a makeshift curtain for the last two years. And instead of lamenting how ugly that stupid blanket is and how ghetto we are for just pinning it to the wall…I felt this crazy surge of emotions.

It wasn’t until then that it finally hit me.

This is the place where my baby took her first steps. Where we had mini dance parties in the living room. It’s where I rocked her to sleep when she couldn’t sleep. This is the house where we had our first Christmas tree, where Eric and  I had that huge fight and I got so stressed out that I took my 8-month-pregnant self and jumped into the pool. At 11 o’clock at night.

And not only that, but we have known amazing people here. We have been privileged to attend a fantastic ward with loving, caring, inspiring individuals. We’ve had opportunities to know people we would never have known otherwise.

In this city, I was able to work with troubled teen girls and hopefully have a positive influence on just one of them. Eric was able to attend a wonderful law school and he graduated. This was where Josie first went to the zoo, where we spent countless sunny days running around parks, and where we took weekly trips to the library.

This was our home.

For those reasons, and many more, I am grateful for this place. And even though I am still happy to be moving on to new adventures, I am so thankful for the memories that we have created here. This was where we became a family, and I will never ever forget that.

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