Memory Lane

After looking at the awesome pictures that Rita posted yesterday, I figured I might as well throw together a sweet walk down memory lane myself.

Here we go…

(All photos courtesy of my wonderful father.)

Family picture!




My dad’s glasses rock pretty hard.


My mom and I on her birthday




My little sister and I
My sister did not want my Grandma to hold her.

A few things to note – Josephine sleeps the blue and white blanket I had when I was a baby, I kinda look like my mom when she was younger (which is awesome!), and I ended up wearing the same glasses as my Dad. That last picture is the beginning of my awesome phase. And my favorite.

My family is amazing (and a little weird, let’s face it) but I wouldn’t have them any other way! And these pictures only show half of them…there are six kids in all. But those pictures are for another time. 🙂

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