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True Love – His Story

I was looking through a box of old memories and I found a print out of a post my husband wrote on his blog, only a few days after we got engaged. I thought it was way too cute not to share, and I love how he tells the our story! 

– Stef

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Why not use books as placeholders for our memory? When we think of our life-history, we could reference our experiences with the books that we were reading at the time. Ender’s Game would remind me of Christmas break 2009, where my family and I spent the holiday in Utah for the first time in years. It was Lauren’s first Christmas with the Patch family. I have a suspicion that we went to Utah to ease Lauren’s homesickness. We stayed at my Grandma Morden’s house and clapped when we opened each other’s gifts.

Matilda would remind me of when I was a thirteen-year-old and thought if I tried hard enough I too would be able to move objects with my mind. Jesus the Christ would help me remember the closeness I felt with the Spirit on my mission. As I think of all the things I learned from that wonderful book I remember the work, the successes, and the disappointments of my time in Guatemala. 

Now I think of Sherlock Holmes: The Complete Novels and Stories. Volume one brings me back to Provo, UT where I had moved to take a Kaplan course so that I might be able to do better on the LSAT the second time around. I remember reading A Study in Scarlet and pointing out the LDS Church references to my roommate who had also read that novel. I remember how frustrated and impatient I had been with him and my other roommates. I remember finding a relationship between the logic I had to learn for success on the LSAT and the logic Holmes used to solve his cases.

Volume two brought me into law school and introduced me to Stefani Wright. I clearly remember our instant messenger chats that led to emails. I remember the emails that led to our Skype dates. I remember trying to sleep Sunday evenings after those long conversations and not being able to sleep because my pulse was still up. Holmes and Watson guided me into my dreams. I remember our six-hour Skype date on Valentine’s Day when I bought the plane ticket for Stefani to come visit me.

The Know-It-All brought Stefani to me. I’ll never forget driving back from our day-trip to San Francisco. We were in the parking lot of Best Buy looking for Season 5 of Family Guy. It had been one of the best days I think I’ve ever had. Stefani and I got along astonishingly well for two people who had only dated virtually. In that parking lot (I think it was when we were driving away) I told Stef that I was probably going to ask her to marry me. For some strange reason this incredible, beautiful, fun, smart, charming woman said to me, “I’m probably going to say yes.” If I wasn’t driving I probably would have tackled her right there and smothered her with kisses (or if my Mom is reading this, hugs). As it was, I just smiled and was perfectly happy.

Stefani asked me, “Do you love me?”

I said, “I think I do.”

“Is that a yes?”

“Yes, it is.”

“Good,  because I love you, too.”

I never thought I would find someone to marry me. I thought marriage was years away from me. Now I know differently. That evening I came home and prayed. “Heavenly Father, is Stefani Jean Wright the girl I should marry?” I waited a second, then said, “You know what, I already know the answer. I have felt it since the day she got here. Please help me treat her the way that You would have me treat her. Thank you for sending Stefani to me.”

The next three and half days are a blur. They went by so fast. I called her dad and asked him if it would be okay for me to ask Stefani to marry me. He said yes. Then I talked with him for a while. I handed the phone back to Stefani who then talked with her mom for a while. Her mom wanted me to ask her permission, too. So I did.

It’s hard to believe that we fell in love so quickly. It’s difficult to accept that we really are right for each other. But it’s true. I’ve told Stefani that I love her every day since that Monday night when we drove back from San Francisco. I mean it more and more every time I say it. I look forward to July 15 when she and I will be sealed together forever.

I just finished The Know-It-All. It was a gift from Stefani and a great book. I’d recommend it to anybody who like to read. It is always a little bit sad when I finish a good book, but I’m excited to see what experiences the next book I read will bring me. I’ve never been more excited and hopeful for the future than I am right now!

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