Lists / Thoughts

It’s OK Thursday

It’s Ok…

that I slept in my jeans last night.


that even with all her toys, Josie’s favorite things to play with are an old chapstick tube and a tape measure.


to play at the park looking like this:



that my Nook WON’T TURN ON…Ok, not ok, but I’m coming to terms with it.


to be one of my wicked awesome followers. (Seriously, you guys rock my socks.)


to make a triple recipe of cookies last night, so Eric would stop asking me to make them…for a few weeks.


that checking on Josie before I go to bed is seriously the scariest thing ever. Do not wake up the baby.


that I am beyond excited to see my family in less than two weeks.


that my Nook won’t turn on. (If I say it enough, it’ll come true.)


to be excited about today, because I’m going to make a frittata for lunch. And I love frittata.


And that…is all.

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