Our Favorite Things (This Week)



1. Being done with law school in…less than a year.


2. Playing classic Metal Gear Solid.


3. Bugging Stefani about finishing the wedding present that she started over TWO YEARS ago. Seriously.




1. Waking up early and having 30 minutes without anybody around. Love it.


2. The CD that I got form the library. Also, Dylan’s sweet ‘stache, like so:



3. Sewing party girls night with my buddy Dayna last night. She was making these adorable baby cardigans and I was sewing random pieces of fabric together, because I promised that I won’t work on real projects until I finish Eric’s wedding present. (See his #3.)




1. Snapping her fingers like a champ.


2. Waking up Daddy in the morning by climbing on him and saying, “Hey, DAD!”


3. Sitting in her chair. And standing on her chair. And, also, turns out these chairs aren’t very sturdy, so as she was sitting in it yesterday it just collapsed under her. And no, my daughter isn’t morbidly obese or anything. Don’t worry, she’s just fine and I didn’t laugh (even though I kind of wanted to). I’m not a bad mom, I swear.


2012 10 25 10 02 23
She LOVES this chair.

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