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Stories of Us: Eric and Me

I read a post on Tiffany’s blog the other day about soul mates and it got me thinking about Eric and me. I definitely agree with her – that any two people, if they tried hard enough, could make it work – but the crazy thing is…everything fell together perfectly for us.


Disclaimer: This is all from my side of the story. Eric may tell things a little bit differently, but…we’ll tell that story later. 🙂 Also, this is a long, mushy story. Proceed at your own risk. 


 I feel like the start of “our” story began long before Eric ever came into the picture. I was living in Utah, working at a record store, and planning on moving up to Weber State to get a degree in Piano Education. I had been offered a full ride scholarship, so I was pretty stoked. I had everything planned out and I felt like I was living the dream.


All of the sudden, though…things just didn’t feel right. When I sat down and did some real soul searching, I realized that even though this degree would be wonderful, the path my life was on at that moment wasn’t what was making me happy. So, one month before classes were supposed to start, I sold my housing contract, packed my bags, and drove to live with my parents in Wisconsin. I had zero idea of what I was going to do. Zero.


loved living in Wisconsin and after some time I began to turn my life around and make choices I was truly happy with. I started attending Church with a group of singles and made some good friends. One day, a guy asked for my number and said he wanted to take me out on a date. I was really excited to be asked out by a nice, stable, Mormon guy, since I hadn’t been with a guy like that for years.


So…the guy called me. We talked for a while. It was awkward. Like, not comfortable at all. I got off the phone feeling pretty depressed. I felt like I was running out of “nice guy” options in Wisconsin. I was bored. I was lonely. I started an online dating profile.


I remember that night pretty well. My friend was over and we were hanging out and chatting and looking at guy’s profiles. I would send a message every once in a while, but most were pretty sarcastic or silly, so I didn’t expect many replies back. I was feeling pretty cynical about the whole dating scene. I found a picture of a guy in a Yankees  cap and decided to give him a hard time, since I had lived in Boston for a year, and so was a Sox fan by default.


The guy messaged me back, so we started bantering back and forth for a bit. I thought he was cute and I found out he was in law school…so…win win, right? In my typical melodramatic style, I turned to my friend and said, “I’m totally going to marry this guy.” I gave him my email, we sent a few emails back and forth, and then stopped. I deleted my account after only being on there for a few days. That was that.


Flash forward a few months. I’m dating someone in Wisconsin. We get along okay, but it’s nothing fantastic. I’m applying to grad programs, though, so the dating scene isn’t top priority for me. Then one day I get an email from the Yankees guy, wondering where I’ve been. We start emailing back and forth. Then we start Skyping every week or so. On Valentine’s Day, he says he wants to buy me plane tickets so I can fly out there and we can meet.


(Now before you start thinking, “Oh my gosh, is she insane?”, here’s my justification. As we were talking, we had figured out that I used to live in his hometown. In fact, our dads were both doctors. Both ear, nose, and throat doctors. And they had worked for competing practices. So…my justification is, my dad knew his dad. And, to be honest, it just felt right.)


I flew out to Sacramento for Eric’s spring break. I arrived there on a Sunday, stayed with his cousin, and spent every waking moment with him. We had really just started as good friends, but by the end of day three we were definitely falling in love. We spent the day in San Francisco on Monday. On our ride home, Eric said to me, “You know, I think I’m going to ask you to marry me.” I replied, “You know, I think I’m going to say yes.”


We spent the rest of the week making huge plans (and with me having a major anxiety attack, but that’s a story for a whole different day 🙂 ). The worst part was probably when I had to break up with the guy I was dating by saying, “Umm…yeah, I’m engaged.” Whoops. :-/


After a long distance engagement (which I do not recommend) and an airport proposal when he came to visit me in Wisconsin, we got married on July 15, 2010 in the Bountiful, UT Temple.


IMG 1493


IMG 2052


IMG 1975




And that’s our story. I couldn’t imagine spending the rest of eternity with anyone else.



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