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Our Favorite Things (This Week)

Eric (by Stef, because…he’s still sleeping)

1. Not having class on Fridays.

2. Listening to some sweet awesome jazz music. (I wish I had some examples, but it’s all on his computer, so…sorry.)

3. And…ummm…buying me new clothes…? (Right, Eric?)



1. Throwing together a SWEET Halloween playlist. (Check the beginnings out here.)

2. Saying a prayer to find my phone (after two days of searching) and finding it, no joke, less than a minute later in a completely random spot.

3. Cracking up over Boston Legal. (Especially this slightly inappropriate line.)


Miss Jo

1. Eating velcro. Don’t ask.

2. Carrying around the bag that Nana made her and throwing in whatever fun things she can find.

3. Sitting in her toy box to read a good book.



Got any good plans for the weekend? We have friends coming over for pizza night tonight and then…we’ll figure the rest of the plans out tomorrow.


Happy Friday, friends!

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