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A Baby Story: Josephine Jacqueline Leavitt

It started the night before my birthday.


At first, I thought this was kind of lame. Still really excited, but…Josephine was due a week before my birthday. What are the chances she came on the same day? I so did not want to share! But if she was coming, she was coming, and there really wasn’t much I could do about it.


And it was time. I was in labor all night, but contractions were never close enough together for me to go to the hospital. I walked around. I tried to sleep. I watched some sweet late night informercials. Nothing helped. Finally, around 5 AM I woke up my husband and my mom (she was visiting to help out!) and told them we had to go. I was ready. Unfortunately, the contractions were still not close enough together. My mom suggested we open birthday presents. To this day, I still don’t remember much of what I received (sorry everybody). It was one of those days.


I started crying. I’m not big on pain. I think that’s what convinced them that we probably should get going, though, so…win. 🙂


IMG 9223


We got to the hospital around 6 AM and they admitted me (yay!), but…there were a lot of moms in labor there. So many that there were no rooms available, so they threw me in recovery with all the recovering moms. I was fine wherever I was, as long as I got my drugs ASAP.


About an hour later…the epidural. And sleep. Thank goodness for epidurals. (All you natural birthing ladies are amazing.)


IMG 9230

IMG 9235


We slept for a while. We watched Project Runway for a while. We hung out and talked. Everyone thought it was cool that it was my birthday and we might get a baby. I was supposed to be going out to Thai food!


But seriously, I was freaking excited. I couldn’t wait for my little girl to get here.


And at 7:25 pm…she was here.


IMG 9242

IMG 9253


And she was (and still is) beautiful.


IMG 9265


IMG 9297


IMG 9308


And you know what? I LOVE sharing my birthday with my daughter. It is officially the best day ever.


IMG 9386


More stories to come!

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