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Foot Ghosts

Hi. My name is Stefani and I’m not very good at decorating for holidays.


I want to be good, I do! But for some reason it hasn’t happened yet. So I’m taking baby steps. And today we made feet ghosts. (pun totally intended)


Here’s what you need. Brace yourself.




Poster board (or paper!)


A pen





And all you do is…trace your feet on poster board, draw a scary ghost face on them, and cut them out. Upside down feet look like ghosts! (In the case of a wiggly toddler, draw part of the foot and then free-hand it when they run away.)




I think it’s freaking adorable. Eric walked in after school and said, “Umm…I don’t know if I like them. They look like feet.”


Other examples of my decorating skillz – the porcelain cow hanging out on the piano. It’s a work in progress.



Watching scary movies is scarier when there are ghosts on the TV.

For my first attempt ever at holiday decorating, I’m pretty impressed with myself. Josie is pretty impressed with me, too.


She closes her eyes whenever the flash goes off. Cracks me up.


Ok, so it’s probably the simplest thing I could do, but as I said…baby steps.


What other ways do you decorate for Halloween? Right now we’re pretty strapped money-wise, so I’m trying to thinking of all the super cheap festive stuff we can do.


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