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DIY Alphabet Magnets

Josephine has recently become fascinated with magnets. She will sit in front of the fridge and move our Batman magnets (heck yes, we have Batman magnets) on and off. It’s pretty adorable. So the other day I thought – let’s put this new interest to a good use. Time to make some alphabet magnets!


This was going to be easy in theory, but since I don’t have a fancy Silhouette or anything…it involved a LOT of cutting. Way too much cutting.


Here’s the final result:


Cute, right?

Unfortunately, I didn’t take pictures of the process, but…here’s how it’s done.


I used: 


A pretty font


A bunch of different colors of scrapbook paper (Specifically, a 12×12 pattern pack I got from Walmart.)


My handy-dandy laminator




Elmer’s Glue


Magnetic Tape (like this)


I started by typing out the letters in Word and printing them out. You’ll want to make sure you have a bold, thick font that’ll be easy to cut around. The font I used can be found here. (And it’s free!)

Once you have all your letters printed out, you can start your first round of cutting. Cut all the letters out…meanwhile, put on an episode of the X-files, or something – it makes the time go by faster.


Next step? Tracing. Put the letters on the back of the sheet of scrapbook paper (where there is no pattern) with the ink side facing down. This way, the letters will be facing the right way and no worries about being super neat about tracing.


Cut all the letters out…again. Woo hoo!


I then wanted a background for each magnet, so I matched the pairs of letters up with another piece of paper and glued them on. Then it was on for the THIRD round of cutting, where I just cut around the general outline of the pairs of letters.


Then the laminating. If you don’t have a laminator, you can get a good deal on one on Amazon, OR you can just cover the magnets with packing tape. It’s the poor man’s laminating, but it works just as well. (Until my birthday this summer, that’s what I would do. Because I’m cool like that.) The laminating just prevents little hands from tearing things apart. After all, you just did a LOT of cutting.


Oh hey, cut the letters out again. Don’t cut right to the edge, otherwise the laminate will come off pretty quickly.


FINAL STEP! Cut 2 inch (ish) pieces of magnetic tape and stick one piece onto each pair of letters. And you’re done!


Woo hoo! Colorful and fun alphabet magnets.

Your hand may be cramping up from all of the cutting. I suggest an ice pack. You can hold it on your hand while you watch your kid play with their new toy.






Unfortunately, my daughter is the queen of destruction. (Remember my very first post?) So…after a minute of playing, she decided to take the magnets off each pair of letters.


Up to no good.
Who, me?
It’s so hard to get upset when she’s so freaking cute…


I’m thinking that I may get a magnetic sheet on Amazon, stick the letters onto that and do MORE CUTTING. But at least that way it won’t be so easy for her to destroy. Other than that little hiccup, it was a success! Yay for fun projects!

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