Josie’s Laptop

Has anyone ever heard of Freecycle? They have “chapters” in just about every single city and they are AWESOME. Basically, you list stuff for free on their site via email, and you can ask for things that people are giving away as well. So, instead of having to haul things to Goodwill, you can just have people stop by and get it – and you can be sure that it’s going to someone that needs it. It’s pretty great.


Anywho…Josie has had this obsession with banging on the keys on Eric’s laptop for a while now. Since he kind of needs it to function for school, we put an ad out on Freecycle to see if there was anyone that had a broken laptop we could have.


A few weeks later…we found one! And she loves it.


Eating computer
Giving it kisses.


Closing laptop
Opening and closing.
Lying on laptop
Standing with computer
The reason why she needs her own laptop…using it to stand up.
More typing!

She also has a couple of cell phones to play with, too. She’s one tech savvy baby.



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