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Our Favorite Things (This Week)


1. Taking a break from being a law school rockstar to watch some Castle.

2. Homemade peanut butter chocolate chip cookies

3. Studying for the patent bar…? (Ok, not really, but I forgot to ask him before I wrote this, so…it is what it is.)



1. Working on Josie’s Halloween costume, which is going to be awesome.

2. Doing “Just Sweat” on Just Dance 3. (Best. Workout. Ever. And yes, I look like a total dork doing it.)

3. Finishing Game of Thrones Book 4 last night. (Oh my goodness. Anyone else reading these? We need to talk.)


Miss Jo

1. Eating yogurt – her face lights up whenever she sees me pull some out of the fridge.

2. Finding random stuff to hold while she walks around. (A crumpled up post-it, a container of parmesan cheese – you know, normal stuff.)

3. Wearing sunglasses like Mommy.

Sunglasses party
Having a rockin’ sunglasses party. We’re cool and stuff.


Happy Friday, friends!

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