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Hide and Go Seek (Stuffed Animal Style)

Yesterday we needed something to do. We were in that hour before bedtime where Josie couldn’t quite go to sleep, but we didn’t have time to do anything super time intensive. So, I decided to hide a few stuffed animals around the bedroom for Josephine to find.

It was definitely a success. Josie loved finding the animals – I just had to show her where to look.

Her game face.
Animal #1…
Is there something under the blanket?
I’m onto you, Mom!
Can you find the next one? 🙂
A pre-sleep snack. (Animal #2…)
Taking a break to try on some sweet shades.
Animal #3…(he was in with the diapers)
Last one! (And yes, the curtain in J’s room is a Mexican blanket hung on push pins by binder clips. Because we’re ghetto like that. And poor.)

I saw an idea to play something like this, but in the dark with flashlights. I’m thinking we’ll do that when Jo’s a bit older. Wouldn’t that be fun, though?

Do have any fun pre-bedtime activities?

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